Preston County man facing multiple counts of animal cruelty

Image Source: MGN

ARTHURDALE, W.Va (WDTV) - A man from Arthurdale is facing animal cruelty charges after an investigation found malnourished animals and a dead dog.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to Y Road in Arthurdale and found a pit bull that appeared to be underweight. Police say the dog's ribs and vertebrae were visible and there was no food or water. The complaint says there was another dog that was found dead in a kennel and appeared to had been there for a while. Police allege that it appeared to have partially been eaten by another.

Police say Thomas Tasker told them the animal was about 10 and was sick. They later learned from someone with apparent knowledge of the dog's situation that it was only three or four years old, was not sick, and was not seen by a veterinarian.

Authorities also allegedly found an iguana and another pit bull, neither of which had food or water. Tasker allegedly told police that he was not able to feed the animals because he did not have the money to buy food.