UPDATE: Man arrested after seven hour standoff in Harrison County

According to the criminal complaint police responded to a domestic battery complaint at 255 Ziesing Street in Spelter

When officers approached the back door of the home a single gunshot was fired near the officers.

The officers began yelling at Terry Lee Rudnick trying to get him to surrender.

Rudnick then used Jack Weaver as a hostage in an attempt to get his girlfriend to be brought to the home.

After lengthy negotiations with police Rudick released Weaver who had cuts to his face, swelling, and abrasions and bruising on his face, head, and mouth.

According to Weaver’s statement Rudnick’s plan was to kill him, his girlfriend, and then commit suicide.

After about a seven hour standoff Rudnick was taken into custody and a loaded 9mm handgun was located in the home and seized.

Rudnick is charged with kidnapping, assault during commission of a felony, malicious or unlawful assault, and two counts of wanton endangerment.
According to West Virginia State Police a 7 hour stand-off took place in Spelter Tuesday evening.

The incident is currently under investigation, but a Trooper who was at the standoff says it lasted around 7 hours and ended around 6:00a.m.

Terry Rudnick was taken into custody by WVSP.

The reasoning behind the stand off, and whether or not anyone was injured is currently unknown.

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