Manchin secures additional $13.2 million towards Corridor H project

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.VA (WDTV) -- A boom in tourism is what Manchin has in mind after securing an additional $13.2 million to expand Corridor H.

The final Parsons-to-Davis stretch is all that is left in this 54-year-old project.

"We should be the playground of the East. We could be the Colorado of the East if you will. But we should be the playground of the East," said Senator Joe Manchin.

This project is not a new idea. Corridor H was designated in 1965, the same year as the Appalachian Development Highway System. The project is nearing completion, but has a hitch.

"So we are at that final Parsons-to-Davis. I think that is the final twenty-something miles. The most expensive part of the Corridor has yet to be built. That's what we are working on now. So, we are trying to get every dollar we can," said Senator Manchin

This $13-million is just a fraction of the $134-million Senator Manchin has already secured for Corridor H in the past two years.

"When that opens up, it will be a terrific corridor for us to have economic growth," said Manchin.

According to a press release by Senator Manchin's office, Chairman of the Corridor H Highway Authority, Robbie Morris, says this funding will allow the system to be completed in a shorter time period.

5 News was unable to find an exact completion date for the project at this time.

A meeting regarding Corridor H was scheduled for September 5th, however, it was cancelled fifteen minutes before it was supposed to begin.