MannCave Distillery turns to creating hand sanitizer during pandemic

Published: Apr. 18, 2020 at 11:42 PM EDT
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MannCave Distillery is adjusting to the pandemic we’re living in and answering to a high demand for hand sanitizer.

For owner, Stephen Mann, it was a decision he couldn’t say no to.

“This decision was made for me, it was not something we decided to do,” he said. “It was just an overwhelming need for it.”

Mann and his family began the process four days ago and already have over 2000 bottles made.

“It’s been an adventure because I’m a full time college student,” Mann’s daughter, Kelly said. “So I’m doing this stuff on top of all of my class work and stuff so it’s fun juggling the two,” she said.

Kelly juggles school while being a part of a tedious process to make sanitizer with her family.

“Everything we make is made onsite, here, from start to finish,” Mann said

Starting with distilling the alcohol, mixing together all the ingredients and putting out the final product, it’s all time consuming.

“We bottle it by hand, label it by hand, cap it by hand and then we put it on the shelf,” Mann said. “We barely have time to get that done,” he said.

With constant customers and orders for shipment being placed, it’s hard to keep up, but Mann says it’s worth it.

“It’s really good to be able to help people out and provide something that people need that they can’t get,” Mann said.

“It’s interesting to see the impact we have on the public because there’s so much panic going around that people can’t get necessary products and this is our way of helping everyone,” Kelly said.

Right now people are allowed to pick up hand sanitizer from the distillery. They are working on being able to make shipments. For more information, visit