March Jefferson Award winner: Frank Devono Jr.

BRIDGEPORT, W.VA. (WDTV) - The Jefferson Award, presented by Antero Resources, highlights individuals who spent countless hours dedicating their time to the community and others.

Frank Devono Jr. serves on the Harrison County Board of Education. While just about anyone will tell you how important education is, Mr. Devono takes it a step further dedicating his time and effort by serving on the board.

It’s not always easy either. There are plenty of issues that arrive and it’s up to him and colleagues to sort them out for the betterment of education in our area.

But, Dovono admits that he has a selfish reason for wanting to make education the best it can be. And that reason is his family.

“I have four daughters, so I have a selfish reason,” says Devono. “And the selfish reason is that I want to provide them with the best education possible. Not just my daughter, but also my nieces, my nephews, cousins, friends’ children. I think we need to have a strong foundation of education because when our kids grow up if they don’t have a strong education and strong jobs here in this local area, they’re going to leave.”

“He has a deep passion for children, he has a deep passion for education in the county, and I just admire the way he brings it, discusses the issues very cogent manner,” said Dr. Mark Manchin, Superintendent of Harrison County Schools and Devono’s colleague.

“I’m proud he has won this honor,” Manchin continued. “I already told him how proud we are as a board of education. It’s brought a lot of honor to the board of education.”

Dovono not only serves on the board of education he’s also an active member with the Knights of Columbus, The Columbian Club and he’s also a board member for the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival – one the area’s largest economic drivers.

He feels dedicating time to the community is essential, no matter who you are

“We need to connect with other people. You have to connect with your community, you have to be a part of your community,” Devono said. “Otherwise, nothing’s going to get done.”