Marion County Class of 2020 celebrated with signs

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MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - If you drive into downtown Fairmont this weekend you'll be greeted by several hundred smiling students.

During what would have been many Marion County senior students graduation weekend, parents wanted to honor their hardworking students, even if they couldn't celebrate in person .

"The parents came together from all 3 counties, and they contacted the chamber of commerce, they wanted a way to remember the kids," said Natalie Summer, class advisor for Fairmont Senior Class of 2020

Working with the Marion County Chamber of Commerce, the three schools, North Marion, Fairmont Senior, and East Fairmont decided to create signs for every graduating senior.

In total there will be over 500 signs up across the county, a project which cost in total several thousand dollars

"The community has been remarkably generous," said Chamber of Commerce chairman Nick Fantasia "We had donations of about $8,000 to pay for our signs- we have about 560 signs going up,"

Natalie Summer s not only a class advisor for the 2020 class of Fairmont Senior, but also a parent of a graduating student.

She says her daughter has expressed some sadness at missing out on her last days as a high school student, but is grateful that the district is working towards creating a safe environment for a graduation ceremony in the future.

"She's doing well considering this," Summer said "She misses her friends, but she's very thankful that the board of graduation is trying to implement stuff to help them achieve that graduation, to have them walk across the stage and have family here,"

Graduation is now scheduled to take place near the end of June.

The district hopes to put the signs back up on that night and have the students take their signs as a memento of graduating during a global pandemic.

"The signs will go back to the schools, graduation night they will go back up, and graduation night the students will be able to take their sings home," Fantasia said