Marion County Humane Society waives adoption fees after Facebook group crowdfunds donation

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MARION COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- Nearly two dozen furry friends are sitting in the Marion County Humane Society shelter awaiting a home. The facility is closed to the public, but has created a process to adopt.

The Support Small Business Facebook group is open to the public and is accepting support from anyone interested in helping small business financially.

"Go onto our Facebook page or our website. If you see a picture of somebody that interests you, and you think sounds like a good fit for your family. Send us an email of your family dynamic and who you are looking at and we will send you back an application to fill out. Once we have that filled out and approved to adopt, we will set up an appointment for you to come in and meet them," explained Frankie Spatafore.

Though the adoption process is more complicated, one of the greatest obstacles is now cleared.

"Everyone that is in the shelter has a sponsored adoption fee because of the donation," said Spatafore.

All 22 animals can find a home free from adoption fees thanks to a $500 donation by the Supporting Small Businesses Facebook Group.

"There is a quote that I follow from Gordon Hinckley, 'get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work,'" said Nicole Garrett, the founder of the page.

She began the group after taking her daughter to one of their favorite local businesses for the final time.

"We went in there, it was very emotional. meeting with the owners there. So, after I left it felt like I just needed to do something in the immediate future to help these small businesses," said Garrett.

She formed the community through GoFundMe. Everytime the group reaches the $500 goal, they draw the name of a local business that shut its doors.

"We have just been kind of keeping track of the businesses that people nominate, and we put them in a bowl," said Garrett.

Then either Garrett, her children or her husband draw a name to receive the $500.

Marion County Humane Society staff say they are appreciative of the money and did not expect to win the money.

Garrett started the Facebook group on March 25th. In the seven days since the group started, they have raised the funds and drawn six businesses.

The original goal was to draw one business a month.