3D printer at local library converts ideas into reality

FAIRMONT, W. Va. (WDTV) -- Once you step inside the Marion County Public Library in Downtown Fairmont, you'll see a 3D printer, building physical models right before your eyes.

"That's a lot of fun to do," said Elizabeth Butta, Virtual Branch Manager.

The machine prints different models, some that could take up to six hours, all the way to 14 hours.

It all starts with a roll of plastic to the actual design.

"Our 3D printer starts off with this, which is all plastic filament. The filament that we use is PLA, which is plant and sugar based plastic," said Butta.

Then it feeds through a tube and ends in the extruder, where it heats more than 370 degrees Fahrenheit.

"It melts it to the point that it can push it out of the nozzle. It starts with the bed here which is also heated to keep the plastic at a good temperature to make sure it adheres to the bed as best as it can," she said.

To see more about how the models are made and more on this story, watch the video above.