Marion County employees meet to discuss continuing work stoppage

FAIRMONT, W. Va. (WDTV)- Before Marion County decided to close school for Thursday, employees met to discuss their plan of action.

To a standing ovation, Marion County Superintendent Gary Price gave some opening remarks on what he thought the next few steps should be.

"They have enjoyed the support of the public and parents throughout this. I think if they go back to work and say 'OK legislators, the ball is in your court, you work it out.' I think they will continue seeing that support even if it comes to a logger head next week and they need to come out again. I think it will show that we are willing to go back, we were willing to give them an opportunity to work through it," he said.

People were able to speak on their behalf as well as hear from representatives of certain groups to help decide on the continuation of the work stoppage.

"Movement down in Charleston and I hope it will continue and we will get what was promised to us from the Governor. The House did pass the pay raise bill tonight and will go to finance and hopefully get that through," said Frank Caputo, staff representative for the American Federation of Teachers.

The decision to cancel class in the county wasn't an easy one. There were mixed feelings on what to do.