Marion County parents and educators prepare for possible changes to Title I

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FAIRONT, W.Va. (WDTV) - Title I is a government funded program that provides academic support for students struggling in reading and math, and Marion County School Board members may change it. 

The potential amendments to Title I will implement academic coaches who provide strategic instructions to teachers. Although Marion County follows suit to Preston and Monongalia counties in adopting this system, teachers and parents are still skeptical about its success.

According to Title I representative Frank Caputo, one main concern is potential lack of small group instruction.

"That to me is why we are fighting so hard to keep our model as it is ... Teachers teaching kids, because you cannot gain any more than when you have smaller groups," says Caputo.

Other are opposed because they have and present data showing Title I benefits Marion County schools, such as Title I facilitator Mary Jollife.

Despite rumors the board members are considering getting rid of Title I, Marion County Schools Superintendent Randy Farley says that is not the case.

"Title I will certainly remain in Marion County. We would like to change a little bit about the programming, so we're gonna work with folks to see what that might be," says Farley.

Monday night at West Fairmont Middle School, teachers and parents signed a petition to prevent any changes to Title I.

The Marion County Board of Education will have the final say on Title I's amendments and status. The hearing will be Monday, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m.