Meadowbrook Mall makes plans for a "PPE Marketplace"

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HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - The Meadowbrook Mall in Bridgeport is preparing to re-open in just a few days, with a new set of cleaning and safety guidelines.

As the stores prepare to open back up, many are still looking for the proper "PPE" or personal protective equipment for their employees.

Under Governor Jim Justice's re-opening plan, small retailers and restaurants are required to provide their employees with face masks and hand sanitizer.

To help connect the mall tenants and the community to these resources, Meadowbrook is working on establishing a "PPE marketplace".

"We have space at the mall where we could host a marketplace, a PPE Marketplace," said Joe Bell, the director of corporate communications for Cafaro Company which built and owns Meadowbrook Mall

The goal is to provide a free space for smaller companies to sell masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective gear directly to those who need it.

"We want to keep this local," Bell said "We want to let local businesses or even just local individuals who are making this and are suddenly entrepreneurs, we want to give them a chance to get their products to market,"

While the specifics of where the marketplace will be and when it will open are still up in the air, the mall hopes to have everything ready in a few weeks.

"What we're going to do is take a look and see what the supplies is and whats available," said Bell "And we'll offer them free space in the mall where they can sell it for people who really need it,"

Interested businesses and manufacturers are encouraged to contact Brian McGahagan at the mall’s leasing office for details.

He may be reached at 330-747-2746 or by email at: