Meadowbrook Mall simulates active shooter for police force

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- "Tonight we have been working with the Bridgeport police department to do an active shooter training drill here at the Meadowbrook mall," said property manager, TJ Shaffer.

A training drill that included the SWAT team, EMS, a posed gunmen and mall staff volunteers posing as shopping residents.

"We work in the mall so its something that can actually happen, so it makes you feel a little bit safer that you know whats gonna happen in the incident that it does happen in real life," said mall employee and simulator actor, Natassia Gains.

Gains also says that although shes happy the mall and police force are preparing, its still scary to think about why they have to.

"It was kind of's puts you on edge because that's something they're worried about if their doing a training exercise for it."

After the gunshots were fired, group after group of task forces came through the double doors and disappeared into the mall.

Some came back with injured bystanders, others came back with the employees acting as hostages.

All was quiet for a while until the team finally emerged with the posed gunman in custody.

Mall property Mmnager, TJ Shaffer said the mall always tries to remind their employees to stay on their toes.

"It's very important to do these drills as often as possible. Whenever there's an event in the nation we try to let our store know 'hey make sure you're prepared for anything'. So we take these situations very seriously," said Shaffer.

Chief Walker of Bridgeport Police was unable to make it on camera but did say he hopes the simulation from Sunday night never comes to pass in real time.