Medical marijuana changes heading to the State Senate

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- The House of Delegates passed a bill that will expand the medical marijuana bill and now it's heading to the State Senate, but what do locals think?

The bill called HB 4345 would increase the number of growers, processors, and dispensaries in West Virginia. Other changes include for allowing patients to be able to pre-register for the program, which it goes into effect July 2019.

The cannabis will be prescribed to qualifying patients, not in a leaf form. Some law enforcement officials say there could a possibility if treated incorrectly, be abused. However, at the same time, if used only for medical reasons it can help many who need it.

"It potentially could," said Chief Josh Thomas, Weston Police Department. "Obviously for things like that, it could potentially have an effect on law enforcement."

Some local organizations say this bill could be beneficial for the state. They also say it brings revenue. The bill would also increase the number of permits to be used by growers. They just hope the Senate considers it, just like the House did.

"Legalizing medical marijuana and recreational marijuana suggest that the public health impacts are minimal," said Eli Baumwell, Policy Director of the ACLU-WV.

This bill if passed will let users receive the drug only in forms of pills, oils, gels, creams, and liquids.