Meet the Swishers: married WWII veterans together since 1946

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DODDRIDGE COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - "They are wonderful people," said neighbor Jamie Moran. "Wonderful. They don't come any better than Mr. and Mrs. Swisher."

Thelma, 94, and Bill Swisher, 93, are World War II Navy veterans who married in 1946 and have been together for more than 70 years.

"Seventy two years this past September," exclaimed Thelma. "Can't forget about those two years. And they've been wonderful! Or else I wouldn't still be here."

Thelma joined the Navy in 1944 and served as an air traffic controller in Norfolk, Virginia until 1946. Her husband served from 1942-1946, but he had a much different duty.

"His duty?," asked Thelma. "Anything and everything they threw at him. He was on three ships. He was on the Algorab, the Albany, and the McIntyre. He was all over during the war."

And if you ask Bill what made him want to join the war effort, his answer is an easy one; that time in history.
Two of the couple's children even followed in the family footsteps.

"We have two sons who are veterans. One was in Vietnam, and another was in the Navy. And when they had that skirmish in Kuwait he enlisted back in the CB's and went to Kuwait."

Now, decades later after their service, they are still active members of their local VFW and American Legion, and hold Veterans Day close to their hearts.

"It means everything," said Thelma. "It means everything. Anything that has to do with a veteran is a good thing."