Meet the Tucker County man whose secret to a long life is golf and friendship

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TUCKER COUTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- You wouldn't know it from his swing or his heckling.

92-year-old George Hubbard still goes golfing every week with his buddies.

But George Hubbard is 92 years old. 

And every week he hits the links at the Holly Meadows Golf Course in Tucker County with some of his longtime buddies.

When he's on the course, he says his favorite thing to do is keep score. Why?

"So I can cheat," he joked. 

He's still chipping onto the green and working on his short game in his older years.

The Navy veteran didn't start playing until he was 35. But he's been at it for the past 57 years and still as competitive as ever.

It's this game that introduced him to his best friend.

He's been playing golf with Dale Ruckle since the 1970s. The retired Tucker County Schools teacher and picks up George every week to play nine holes.

"He's been like a father to me. He would do anything for me. I would do anything for him. That's what it's all about." 

George watches intently each time Dale steps up to the tee.

"When they made the mold, they threw it away when they made this guy," Ruckle said. 

His other buddies say George's attitude serves as an example for us all as we reach the back nine of our lives. 

"He always has that uplifting spirit," his friend Randy Louk said. "Just keep active and do what you want to do." 

As a seasoned veteran in this game and life, George has one simple takeaway from his long career on the green. 

"Friendship means more than playing golf," he said.

George turns 93 this November and has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.