Men vs. Women: One more expensive than the other?

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - It's wedding season, so think about going to a wedding.

If you're a man, are you shopping for a new tuxedo? If you're a woman, are you shopping for a new dress?

The costs can vary drastically between a man and a woman, but in ways just beyond clothing.

The costs can vary from a simply $20 to $200. That's how it is for one hair salon in Morgantown.

"Men normally come in just for a haircut, so they spend anywhere from $20 to $30 a month," said Karisa Ingram, who works at Tonique's Trilogy in Morgantown. "Women are more often color and cut. They come in once every month or two and spend anywhere from $100 to $200."

For women, sometimes they're shopping for more than just the cut.

"Women buy a lot more products than men," Ingram said. "So women are also spending an extra $50."

That's just hair. When it comes to clothing, one employee at a men's clothing store compared what she sees in store...

"For the most part I have noticed that most people come in, get one suit, two suits maybe, bunch of shirts and ties to go along with that," said Jacquelin Brooks. "Maybe some shoes each color all at once so they don't have to come again for a few months."

Then she compared it to her own personal habits.

"I tend to pick up a few things all the time and I see a lot of guys come here and they're spending a couple hundred dollars, couple thousand."

When it comes to taking those clothes to get cleaned, Elite Cleaners in Clarksburg said they don't see a drastic difference between men and women coming in. It's more about the type of material that needs to be cleaned.

"Generally you see a little bit of both," said Lisa Hickman. "The men are bringing in the cotton button up shirts, and the women are still bringing in the dresses and the blouses."

One man from Clarksburg not only owns his own business, but he also has seven women in his life.

"Me, I don't care what my hair looks like," said Shell Hoskinson from Looking Glass Consignment Shoppe. "As far as the business here, sometimes I get more stuff, more money out of the men's stuff."