Mileground Mayhem: Frustration grows over potholes

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - It has been a bumpy road in Morgantown to say the least.

That's what several residents have said about potholes on the Mileground and one local politician is saying, "enough is enough."

"This is absurd," said County Commission President Tom Bloom. "This is an embarrassment and I have had it."

Bloom is becoming more frustrated about the conditions of the roads in the area, and that includes the Mileground.

"It looks like it has been bombed by the military," he said. "That's about the best way I can explain it."

There are potholes on both sides of the road and often times, people slow down to move out of the way to avoid hitting them. People who work on that stretch know it all too well.

"We're having some problems with cars now where they're going around on the other side of the road or they're speeding up to get around something, or I've seen several go on the sidewalk to get around it," Bloom said. :We're at a point now where this is getting bad."

"It rains, you can't see the holes, it's washing out the patches that they've put in," said Kelly Wilken.

"I am going to send letters to my delegates to ask them to consider doing a filibuster in the legislature to stop everything until we deal with these roads," Bloom said.

5 News reached out to the Division of Highways in Charleston for comment, but we never heard back.