Miners continue to fight

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Hundreds of former miners and coal officials packed a very busy room for two reasons on Wednesday.

First, to celebrate the fact that they still have their health care. Second, to focus on their fight for pensions.

A couple of former miners told us they're still determined to fight for what was promised them for years. They told us they're not ready to give up. United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts told us they got through the first fight, and they'll get through the second.

"22,600 retirees and their order of beneficiaries will have health care for life and there's some very sick people here," Roberts said.

"If we lose our pensions, we've lost everything we've worked for for our lives," said Marion Russell, a former miner. "We worked for those pensions and we should be entitled to keep them."