Minority Leader Miley hopeful RESA's won't be eliminated

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Speaking to 5 News, House Minority Leader Tim Miley (D - Harrison, 48) says he believes a bill that would eliminate Regional Education Services (RESA's) will not come to fruition.

State Senator Charles Trump (R - Morgan, 15) introduced the bill (SB 181) in February. It would eliminate all eight agencies in the state.

"The RESA's cost $3.5 million in the entire state, but they leverage in grant money about $50 plus million in return," Miley said, defending the agencies.

RESA's provide support to local school boards, whether it be overseeing substitute teacher training or providing an audiologist to schools at a low cost.

Miley says he has not heard much discussion about the bill among his colleagues, which leads him to believe that RESA's will survive the 2017 legislative session.

However, he did caution that action could be taken outside the legislature.

"There is some speculation that the State Board of Education can unilaterally eliminate the RESA's even without legislative action," he explained.

The rest of the conversation with Miley is in the video above.