Mixed feelings remain over FERC's pipeline assessment

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - Friday the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released their final environmental assessment concerning the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Those who are against the pipeline, aren't thrilled with the assessment.

"It's more of the same as the draft environmental impact statement. It's insufficient, it hasn't answered the objections of officials from the cities, counties. It's basically relying on the developers claims that we need this pipeline which haven't been shown to be true," said April Keating, who is against the pipeline.

Keating is also President of the Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance.

She also says it will have adverse impacts on our streams.

But, on the other side, those who are for the pipeline are encouraged by the assessment.

"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released a favorable environmental report for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline," said Aaron Ruby, Media Relations Manager with Dominion Energy. "And it confirmed that the project can be built safely and with minimal impacts to the environment."