Mom and son allegedly targeted at local store

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"HARRISON COUNTY", W.Va (WDTV) -- A mother and her son went on a shopping trip to a local store October 7th, but ended up leaving sooner then they expected.

According to the mother, Kimberly Mick, her and her son, Carter were targeted by a man who followed them around the store, took a picture of her son, and even waited outside for them to leave.

Mick now wants to tell her story to warn others.

"We were just having a normal day, and ended up halfway through realizing we were being followed by the same man," said Mick.

Mick explains that in the beginning, they didn't think too much of the situation.

"We kind of dismissed it at first...just thought it was a coincidence that he happen to be around us the first four times it happened, but then it became obvious and I said to Carter, 'somethings wrong here.'"

Mick said became extremely worried when the man took a picture of her son.

"Then we became terrified...I was panicked realizing...'what do we do, who do we call, what do we do.'"

She said they got in line and acted as normal as they could, as to not scare off their alleged stalker.

"Told the cashier that we needed help, we had a problem," said Mick.

Mick also mentioned that even the store's manager told them that the man was definitely targeting them.

The two of them thought they were safe once they left the store and entered the parking lot, turns out they were wrong

"Come to find out the gentleman was outside the doors and he was waiting for us," said Mick.

Mick said they were escorted to their car as the gentleman was parked behind them and they were able to report the him to the authorities.

Clarksburg police told WDTV that the man was searched, but not arrested. Also that there is no further need for investigation.

However, the responses Mick received from telling her story on Facebook makes her believe different.

"Received a lot of comments from people that they've had similar experiences and they did not report them and that's scary," said Mick.

All Mick wants to do now is spread awareness that this happens more than people realize. In fact, the store's staff told her that this incident was their second one that day.

"I would just like the pubic to be aware, be aware of your surroundings, don't dismiss that gut feeling, because it could have turned tragic," said Mick.