Monongah remembers 110th anniversary of mine disaster

MONONGAH, W.Va (WDTV) - It was 110 years ago when more than 300 people lost their lives in the Monongah Mine Disaster.

Many who remembered them on Wednesday in Monongah were Italian immigrants.

As one person put it, losing one miner is one too many. More than 170 of the immigrants were from Italy. The town has held these types of ceremonies in the past and for Ann Eates from Monongah, her grandfather was one of the hundreds who tragically lost his life that day. Ann's mother was only two years old.

"She never talked about it," Eates said. "We would ask questions after we were older. She never discussed it."

"The new generations, they have to bring because the story is not told the way it was," said Assunta Leonardis. "You young people, you're the new generation."

Even though time has gone by, nobody has forgotten. They presented different gifts to the Town of Monongah, and many there want today's youth to understand what happened.

"With the new people that move into town, aren't really aware much of what happened," said Monongah Mayor Greg Vandetta. "With something like this, it brings it to their attention."

"It's very meaningful to remember someone so loving that we could have loved and could have known him if he had lived," said Eates. "We miss out on having a grandfather."