Monongalia Co. schools support National School Counseling Week

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - School communities throughout Morgantown are taking time this week to honor their school counselors. As part of National School Counseling Week, students are telling their counselor not only how much she means to them, but we learned some of the day to day functions.

"I get to know the kids and see the kids on an individual basis," Petrisin said. "That makes me really biased because I see them, and I know them, and I love them and then I see them out there with their friends and they can be a totally different creature. I know deep down that's not the whole picture."

Cheryl Petrisin has been an educator for the vast majority of her career. She started out as a teacher and has seen students grow both academically and in their overall lives as well.

"Middle school is middle school for a reason because these kids are trying to figure out who they are," Petrisin said. "Part of why I feel like I'm here is to help them do that. Not tell them who they are, but just to be comfortable with who they are."

Petrisin went onto say how she's glad her job goes beyond just scheduling and mostly enjoys working one on one with students. She says it's important to build a close relationship with them, that way there's a mutual sense of trust.

"Just knowing that there's someone there that is on your side and no matter what they're going to be there, it's very comforting," said Nataleigh Bowers.

Some of her eighth-grade students also told us that Petrisin is one of a kind and always making her students her highest priority.

Imagine coming to West Virginia from another state and not knowing anyone. One student said when she moved here from Florida, Petrisin was right there to help her through the transition.

"She helped me get to know people, make new friends and get into sports and different clubs and to the school," said Kaitlyn Burns.

"The best evaluation that I can ever get is to have my students at least know who I am," Petrisin said.