Monongalia County School's first ever Arctic Academy Day

"I spent a lot of the morning in my classroom. Kids have been emailing me questions about my arctic academy assignment, so I've been answering those" says 8th grade West Virginia studies teacher Erin Winaught.

"This way students can work on curriculum and work on review skills and stay strong with their skills while they're out on snow days. And it can count as an actual instructional day" says Mountaineer Middle School Principal Crystal Nantz.

Class is in session, but it's too cold for kids to come to school, so Monongalia County Schools are having an Arctic Academy Day, where students can go to class from the comfort of their homes.

"It's an opportunity for county school systems to be able to take a school day and develop a different way in delivering instruction" says Superintendent of Monongalia County Schools Frank Devono.

This is the first time Monongalia school's have utilized an Arctic Academy Day, and student's take-home Chromebooks make it possible.

"With the advent of the Chromebooks in each one of our classrooms, last year and this year, it just provided an added oppurtunity for us to be able to download some instructional materials" says Superintendent Devono.

Even after the Arctic Academy Day, student's still have 5 days to turn in their assignments.

"Let's say they didn't download it to their computer and they don't have internet at home, they can come to school and have that extra time to be able to access that information" explains Principal Nantz.

These at-home assignments let student's decide when they want to get their work done.

"Do it at 10a.m., they can do it at 1p.m., 3, it doesn't matter, I'm accessible to them all day" says 8th grade West Virginia studies teacher Erin Winaught.

The state only allows five Arctic Academy Days per school year, and today was supposed to be the first day back to school after winter break. But Superintendent Devono says that's why he thinks today was the perfect day to utilize the program.

"This was really an opportunity for us to call the Arctic Academy Day. Get our teachers and staff in the buildings, check our buildings, get our bus drivers reporting to their assignments, get our buses up and running, making sure everything's along that line as well" says Superintendent Frank Devono.