More children being hurt and killed in tip-over accidents

(CBS) -- Once a week, Aaron Fried looks through a memory book honoring his daughter, Harper. Two years ago, the 3-year-old was playing in her room alone. Fried believes she climbed up on the dresser, causing it to tip over on top of her. Harper was rushed to the hospital.

"I heard them stop working and pronounced her dead," Fried said.

This video shows what can happen when kids climb on furniture. New data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission found nearly 40 children are injured every day in these type of accidents. Since the year 2000, 450 have been killed.

"This is a preventable injury, a preventable death," said Patty Davis with the CPSC.

The CPSC is pushing parents to anchor all furniture, TV and appliances to the wall. The anchors can be found at hardware stores.

"We say 'Take 5 to save lives.' It's literally a five-minute process and the anchors are inexpensive."

A recent survey from Consumer Reports found only one-quarter of families anchor furniture in their homes.

Fried has two other children and says he was not aware of the danger until his daughter's death. Now, all dressers and TVs in his home are safely secured. The family created the foundation to raise awareness and push for new regulations.

Freid says if all new furniture came with anchors and tip over warning lives would be saved.