More help arrives for victims of Mannington flooding

MANNINGTON, W.Va (WDTV) - Clean up efforts continue in the Mannington area after the devastating flooding over the weekend.

Federal emergency officials, such as FEMA, started assessing homes on Wednesday morning. Congressman David McKinley was also there speaking with some of the local businesses about the help they need.

One couple is still cleaning up.

"It's amazing the number of people who come up here to go through our garbage," said Becky Mulkus. "It's not garbage to us, it's things that we've collected. We've been married 57 years."

Many have wondered where FEMA has been. Those wishes have been granted.

"This is the very preliminary beginning of this process," said Joseph DeMuro, with FEMA. "We're actually out here looking at every home that the locals and the state has identified as damaged."

Congressman McKinley also walked in and out of businesses in the downtown area. He paid careful attention to the damage but also, took time to hear what these business owners need to get back on their feet.

"Our concern has to be for the individual families," McKinley said. "The families are struggling with this. We want to see that hopefully this assessment going on will be thorough."

Steve 'Bubba' Barta is helping to fix up his mother in law's home just outside of the Mannington city limits.

"She lost everything she owned," he said. "It's sad."