More officers to patrol Clarksburg?

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV) - On Wednesday we told you about a robbery at MVB Bank in downtown Clarksburg.

A bank robbery is always scary. Not just for those at the bank, but for anyone in the community.

When something like this happens it's easy to feel nervous and maybe even unsafe.

We talked with a local business that's right down the street from the bank that was robbed. One of the owners said it is pretty scary to think about.

"Whenever we found out that it happened, we were a little freaked out," said Frank Crislip, owner of My Little Cupcake. "Kind of shocked that it happened so close to us and in the middle of town, just down the street from the police department."

Other business owners we talked to off camera said it's not just a bank robbery that has them feeling uncomfortable. Many of them continue say just how bad the drug issue has gotten in the area. And that's causing continuous concerns.

So are officials going to beef up patrol? There is already an officer who patrols on bike through downtown, but after talking with Clarksburg's Mayor she says they will be doing more.

"We are in the process of putting together what is known as the Community Action Team," said Mayor of Clarksburg Cathy Goings. "That consists of officers provided by the city as well as the county. It's joint effort between the city of Clarksburg and the Sheriff's Department. We're going to be focusing on various areas throughout the city."

They hope to have this team up and going within a few weeks.