Morgantown City Council passes first reading of an ordinance that could give foster parents paid leave

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Morgantown City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance dealing with foster care and paid leave.

A new Morgantown ordinance could give foster parents a helping hand while getting others to consider becoming foster parents.

"6,700 children are waiting to be placed in foster homes and this is a way that we can be a model employer," said City manager Paul Brake.

If the ordinance passes all readings, it will allow city employers paid leave if they are foster parents.

Brake says the ordinance will allow employees up to 16 hours of leave with a limitation of an overall 32 hours in a calendar year.

"They can take the time off of work that's necessary to provide that safe home," Brake said.

Not only will the ordinance help foster parents but it could also raise awareness. Brake says the ordinance could encourage employees to consider becoming foster parents as well .

"To consider an act in such ordinance as well, and if its wider spread that can really meet the need of the children that are across the state,"
Brake said.

Brake says the ordinance was proposed by a councilman who is also a foster parent. Brake says council hopes to promote the ordinance and be an accepting work place to allow the type of leave.

Brake says the second reading is set for later this month.