Morgantown area ready for Powerball drawing

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Many in the Morgantown area have their Powerball tickets ready, and local convenience stores said they've been busy with all the traffic.

Last summer, a man from Worthington claimed a $1 million Powerball prize. Earlier in August of 2016, a winning ticket was sold in Morgantown. In the middle of July, one was sold in Fairmont. While our area hasn't quite been as lucky this year, chances are still the same.

"Sales are definitely increasing," said Randy Burnside with the West Virginia Lottery. "A lot more people are playing. We want to encourage folks to dream a little bit, dream big, and go for that opportunity but to do so responsibly."

Some are still hoping to catch some of last year's luck. Overall, we've had several win.

-22 people have won $1 or more in the last four calendar years.
-There have been eight jackpot winners, dating back to 1992.

"I don't expect a bunch of people to show up at 6, 7:00 tonight to buy their Powerball at the last minute," said Dana Zogal. "Everybody's already been buying them."

"We have plenty of people coming in and they tell us what they'll do with the money," said Patrice Shaw. "We have people saying they won't forget us."

Shaw has prepared herself. She hasn't bought a ticket yet, but already knows what she'd do with the winnings.

"Just the thought of it, the thrill of it," Shaw said. "The things you could do for it, things you could help out with people, the community."

Nelson Smith bought tickets early on Wednesday, and decided to buy more in the afternoon.

"I bought some others this morning," Smith said. "I would share it with my family, and also whoever sells me the ticket would get a little bit of a bonus."