Morgantown business offering self-defense training

Published: Feb. 20, 2018 at 5:37 PM EST
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In today's world, it seems far too often we're hearing about active shooter situations.

In order to make the public more aware of their surroundings, Defense-in-Depth in Morgantown is taking strides toward teaching people about acts of self-defense in a variety of scenarios.

"We want to be a knowledge center for all things," said Nick DeMedici, the General Manager and Director of Training. "With what's going on in our country unfortunately right now a relevant topic that we can train for is an active shooter response."

The course is designed to be geared toward self-defense. They use simulators to help put the individual in a situation that still isn't the same as the actual scenario. The idea is to help make people more aware of what it might be like.

"We are fortunate here to have the simulator because we can rewind it," DeMedici said. "We can go back through and we can dissect these incidents step by step."

As we've heard in recent days, some want to see stricter gun laws while others have different thoughts. They're offering this training regardless of one's experience with firearms.

"Even if you are proficient in a firearm, if you're in a place that does not permit the legal carry of a firearm, you're going to be without a firearm," he said. "It is just as important to be prepared if you don't have a firearm, if you don't want to use a firearm, if you don't have your firearm."

All of this is with the goal in mind to simply make everyone aware of the different ways to defend themselves in an active shooter situation.

"There are a lot of things you can do that don't involve the use of a firearm that are going to drastically improve your chances of survival," DeMedici said.