Morgantown council passes resolution to uphold Paris Climate Agreement

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - Morgantown City Council passed a resolution to work on upholding provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The vote passed unanimously. After a presentation by the Green Team last month, council members agreed to look at the provisions.

They would focus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions by more than a quarter by the year 2025, looking at the economic benefits of solar power and having replacement jobs for members of the coal industry, and taking safety precautions for extreme weather.

One council member said she voted yes in part because she likes parts of the Accord that relate to adapting to climate change, and she believes.

"It's basically going to permit the city to really create a plan and what I'm hoping is that we can add on to the plans of the past by really focusing in on the portions of the accord that address those issues of adaptation [to climate change] and resilience," said councilwoman Rachel Fetty.

Those who attended the meeting overwhelmingly spoke in favor of council voting for the resolution; however, on Monday, the Coal Forum issued a statement against the Morgantown City Council's decision to work towards upholding provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The statement read in part, "It is just flat-out wrong for Morgantown City Council to ignore the recent progress in the coal industry and resurrect such an ill-conceived initiative launched under the former president."

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