Morgantown offers answers to proposed annexation

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) -- Hundreds gathered at North Elementary School in Morgantown to learn about a proposed city plan to annex some of the neighboring communities.

The city council set up a workshop in which curious residents could learn about Morgantown's intentions.

City planners, emergency service managers and financial representatives were present at the meeting.

For the city officials of Morgantown, they believe that the annexation will bring positive changes, not just to Morgantown, but to the surrounding communities.

Paul Brake, City Manager for Morgantown, believes the annexation will bring positive changes. "The two that immediately come to mind," Mr. Brake said, "is public safety and better roads - and by public roads, what I mean is neighborhood streets that we would have the ability to improve those"

Still, others living in the proposed annexation communities are not entirely sold on the idea.

Anthony Tomkowski, a resident of the Park Hills community, is one of those opposed to the idea. "I just can't see the annexation for a number of reasons." He told us, "Primarily, I tend to think they pulled the rug out from underneath of us - to start with..."

Paul Brake added that the idea of annexation these communities is not entirely new to Morgantown. "...This has been a policy initiative that has been discussed for a long, long time by city leaders."

The city manager also tells us that the annexation, should it occur, would not be for a while. "In order to initiate that, we need to approve a resolution at the council meeting. There's a lot of logistics that are involved in it, so it has not occurred at this point."

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