Morgantown working to fix dangerous road

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The intersection of Hampton Avenue and Darst Street has been a concern for quite some time.

According to the City of Morgantown, the slick conditions on this downhill road has caused many accidents and it was time for a fix.

"It's a curve that goes into a steep down grade. There's been a number of wrecks there in the past few months. We've been looking at options to try to fix that. We ran out of time for a few options that we wanted to use, but this was one we could do with the weather the way that it was," said Damien Davis, the Morgantown City Engineer.

For a day, Donegal Construction micro-milled the road. This cost about $6,000 all paid for by a user fee, which people who work within city limits contribute to.

They were able to put grooves in the surface of the road to increase friction and keep cars from potentially losing control and crashing into the guardrail.

One resident says he saw accidents here on a regular basis.

"Every time it rains, even if it rains just a little bit, they slide right into the guardrail down there. I almost got hit, as a matter of fact, coming back into my driveway over there," said Mark Musarra.

The micro-milling is a short-term solution as paving can't be done this time of year. However, with the high friction surface treatment being put on the road after winter, officials say it will immediately reduce the amount of crashes.

"If you're driving the speed limit and going slow into this turn, it should be no problem now," said Davis.

According to the city, they plan to pave this area in the Spring. They say the type of paving they're going to use has an additive that will increase the grip for car tires.

Residents say they feel better knowing that it's more safe than it was.

"I feel more comfortable now, ya," said Musarra.

The City of Morgantown Public Works Department also installed 'Slippery When Wet" signs for precaution. Officials are saying so far so good.

"At least for the 3 or 4 days we've had since it's been done, it seems to be working well," said Davis.

The city says this site is one of many locations where they hope to utilize the high friction surface treatment paving to fix wet weather crash sites.