Church leaders trying to raise funds to repair the International Mother's Day Shrine in Grafton

GRAFTON, W.Va. (WDTV) - Mother's Day is a time of year where people all over the world celebrate and honor mothers and what they've done for our lives.

But what you may not know is in 1962 a church in North Central West Virginia was designated as the International Mother's Day Shrine

"This is the only International Mothers Day Shrine in the world. It's not just in the United States." said Virginia Wolf Member of the Board of Trustees

Sunday was the celebration of the 111th Annual Observance of Mother’s Day at the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton.
The shrine meant to honor Mothers day includes 27 stained glass windows that tower toward the ceiling.

Unfortunately over the years these stained glass window put in place to honor the national holiday have suffered the ware and tear of time.
The Church is currently trying to raise enough money to bring them to their former glory.

"We've got a long way to go. We need a lot of money. The project is going to run us around between $400,000 - $500,000. That's a lot of money for a small town like Grafton."

Virginia says she has written around 4,000 letters to senators, governors, owners of sports teams, and even our commander in chief President Donald Trump.

Out of those around 4,000 pleas for help she say she has heard back from zero

The Church doesn't only want to restore the windows so that they can look nice... but the are afraid about how unsafe they could be for those in the congregation.

Church leaders showed WDTV some windows have warped glass while one in particular has a piece of metal that holds the window together, breaking off.

"If you really look at them, they're in dire need of repair."

After talking with church leaders they have raised enough money to have one of the 27 windows fixed at the end of May, but that still leaves 26 to go.

The church has been a staple in the community and a memorial for Mothers day for over 100 years and they hope to keep that tradition going for another 100 if they can.

"It doesn't make any difference where you come from or where you live. This is a world wide church and we need to preserve it."