Mr. Fitzwater's Facebook classroom

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LEWIS COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- With schools across the state suspending in-person classes, one kindergarten teacher at Leading Creek Elementary school, Jared Fitzwater, teaches via Facebook Live.

"Facebook is a platform that 90% of our parents use and already have. It's something they are familiar with, and its really accessible anywhere that we go. It was the easiest, best platform for me to hop on and get a lot our parents on," says Fitzwater.

Fitzwater's 15 students tune in to his Facebook Live one hour lesson at 11 o'clock every morning on their parents Facebook accounts.

"Then once I review the material with them in the morning, they work through the day, and in the evenings, the parents that are available, I Skype call them to make the kids understand the materials," says Fitzwater.

The students learn reading, writing, and math.

"A parent, she said her child woke up one day. He said, 'I'm getting ready for school,' and she said school's still canceled, and he got really upset," says Fitzwater.

"The he realized that 11 o'clock we're still going live, so he had to be up that morning, have breakfast ready, and at the desk ready to go that morning so he could see me and do our lessons. "

Parents of Fitzwater's students, such Dawn Diorio, deem the instructional approach beneficial.

"Maddy has really benefited from being a part of this group as it holds her accountable. She has to be up and ready to start her day and participate," says Diorio.

"She's definitely more apt to listen to Mr. Fitzwater when he announces the homework as opposed to me just trying to make her do work. She doesn't want to let him down."

Fitzwater says he is the only teacher he knows thus far that uses Facebook Live as a teaching outlet, but he hopes more will follow suit.