Much colder air on the way, will French Creek Freddie save us from the cold?

Published: Feb. 1, 2018 at 11:45 AM EST
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Some relief from the cold was welcomed yesterday and today, but it won't be sticking around for too much longer. A cold front will be sliding into the region and bringing some big changes with it. Rain on the way for now, but after the cold front rips through, rain will change to a rain/snow mix and eventually entirely snow late tonight.

Accumulations will be on the minors side, but the primary concern here lies with icy roadways due to how cold temperatures will get late tonight. We will plummet down into the teens across NCWV and for tomorrow not climb out of the lower 20's for daytime highs. Friday morning commute will likely be a messy one due to slick spots and black ice. Not much melting is expected on Friday due to cold temperatures, so be prepared for the roads to likely be bad once again on Friday night and Saturday morning when it gets even colder.

Our hopes of an early Spring are now in the hands of French Creek Freddie and we are hoping that he does not see his shadow because that would mean an early Spring! However, he has not done so well in the past. Our fingers are crossed that he will accurately predict an early Spring!