Police remind residents to lock-up after multiple break-ins in Bridgeport

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - A series of break-in reports in a residential area has Bridgeport police reminding residents of the steps they need to take to stay secure.

"Making sure you lock your doors and windows whenever you leave the house,"

These safety tips may seem like no-brainers but forgetting these simple steps can easily lead to a break -in

Recently a residential area in Bridgeport has been the target of several break-ins and police are warning residents of things to keep in mind to stay safe and secure.

For example, the tried and true theory of if you see something say something applies to neighborhood crime as well.

"If you see anything suspicious, any vehicles that seem out of place or anything like that just call 9-1-1-" Bridgeport police officer Franklin Toothman said "That's the best thing to do, don't go through any other chains just try to call 9-1-1 quick,"

Police also advise against posting any summer travel plans to social media as this can make you a target.

"If you do go out of town don't post all over media until you get back because then people know you're out of town, if they happen to know where you live you can be a target,"

But breaking and entering cases apply to more than just where you live.

"Typically we don't get an actual break-in with vehicles, it's actual unlocked vehicles," said Toothman "So making sure your vehicle is locked is the biggest key,"

While these reminders may seem to be no-brainers, they are a small thing that can save you a lot of trouble.