Multiple counties investigating string of tire thefts

WHITE HALL, W. Va. (WDTV) - This past week the Sowers-Ford dealership in White Hall became the third victim of tire theft, losing several thousand dollars worth of tires off of one of their trucks.

White Hall police are investigating and told the owners they believe the crime may be connected to two similar thefts in Clarksburg.

"We don't feel that it's coincidental that it happened to two dealerships in clarksburg, along with us," said co-owner Frank Sowers.

Sowers says that they lost all the wheels off one of their trucks before something scared the thieves away.

"They actually tried to get another set off another truck beside it, they has all the lug nuts off of it," Sowers said "But something must have triggered them to leave,"

While they already have security cameras set up around the lot, Sowers says they plan on increasing security since this incident.

"Unfortunately it was in a spot we weren't able to protect," Sowers said "But we are in the process of upgrading our system and changing that for future problems like that that might occur later down the road,"

The Sowers-Ford dealership is offering a reward to anyone with information that can help them identify those involved with the string of crimes, including two Steelers tickets.

They ask anyone with information to please contact them at 304-363-0500.