UPDATE: Harrison BOE sets date for personnel hearing regarding Nicewarner


The Harrison County Board of Education will hold a personnel hearing Tuesday, August 1 over the future of Bridgeport High School head coach Joshua Nicewarner.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin says at that time he will make the recommendation that Nicewarner be terminated from his positions as head coach at Bridgeport and teacher at Liberty High School.

John Cole will be the interim coach until the hearing on Tuesday. Depending on the outcome, Cole's future as interim coach will also be addressed on that day.

Nicewarner has not been found guilty yet. But, Manchin says, in his mind, there's enough evidence to prove he committed the crime.

"Just so everybody understands, I want to make this clear, the board of education does not rise to the same level as the criminal courts," said Manchin. "We have probable cause, we have plenty reason to believe that he has committed this crime, based on the information I have."

Nicewarner will also have a chance during that hearing to state his case.

Until the hearing, Nicewarner will remain suspended without pay.


The Harrison County Board of Education is currently meeting, for the first time since Bridgeport High School football coach and Liberty High School teacher Josh Nicewarner was arrested.

It's expected that board members may discuss Nicewarner's future with the school district.

As of 7:30 p.m., the Board of Education went into executive session. If a decision is made, they will announce it after the session and 5 News will update you.

Previously, Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin said a supposed confession led him to make the decision that he would recommend Nicewarner's termination at Tuesday evening's Board of Education meeting. He also previously said Nicewarner could possibly resign.

5 News has a reporter at the meeting and will update you as soon as we hear anything.