National Guard secures new drop zone in Reedsville

Courtesy: WVNG

PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- If you live in Reedsville, you'll soon see parachutes in the sky.

The West Virginia National Guard has secured a new drop zone in Reedsville to be used by soldiers operating out of Camp Dawson.

According to the WVNG Public Affair's Office, officials entered a land use agreement with West Virginia University for use of the property. The land allows units executing drop operations--which include soldiers parachuting from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft--stay close to Camp Dawson, instead of traveling to Maryland.

Officials say the new location also adds peace of mind to the training operations, as it puts the soldiers closer to advanced medical care and other resources in Morgantown.

“There are multiple benefits to having a drop zone closer to Camp Dawson,” stated Camp Dawson Post Commander and Base Operations Manager U.S. Army Maj. Jason Diaz. “Flight times between Morgantown and the new site will allow for additional jumps per day, providing increased training windows for many of the units who utilize Camp Dawson’s facilities.”

Officials say Reedsville residents can expect to see an "increased tempo" of military aircraft in the sky. Use of the new property is expected to begin in May, with operations continuing year-round.