National remembrance day for murder victims

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September 25th is the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. Today at the Kingwood Christian Fellowship Church Stacey Greaser the Victim advocate for Preston County held a special ceremony for those who lost a love one in a terrible tragedy.

Stacy wants the community to know that there loved ones will always be remembered.

Stacey Greaser says, "I just want people to know that Preston County cares about there loved ones. my job is to be with these families throughout the whole court system process. I see there heartache I go through the trials with them. So you know I'm compassionate for them."

Here in West Virginia most murder cases are contributed to by domestic violence.

Stacey Greaser says, "Most of them are domestic related, hopefully we can break that chain and we can get people the help that we need to get them out of those volatile relationships and hopefully prevent some of these murders."

Family and Friends of those who lost someone due to murder came out today to honor them during a Sand Ceremony.

Derek Syrums says, "It is a time of the sign where we see this and we wonder if there is any hope and you see as families come together and remember the power of love that it really can conquer even in the world we are living in."

The Rape and Domestic Violence information Center an Agency Against Violence has 24 hour hotline and is serving Monongalia, Preston and Taylor counties.