Navigating the holidays with a diet

(CNN) -- If you're on a diet, or have certain food allergies, this time of year can feel like a minefield. But have no fear, with a little planning, you can sail right through.

First, make sure you have a strategy. Maybe eating at home before going to the party is the best way for you to avoid temptation. And practice how you're going to graciously decline your aunt's special casserole, no matter how thick she lays on the guilt.

If you still want to partake, grab a plate, and fill it up once. That's it. This can help you avoid picking and snacking directly from serving dishes all night.

Another great way to make sure you can eat at an event is to simply bring your own dish. Make something that falls in line with what you can have, and share it with the crowd.

If all else fails, move yourself over to the dance floor. After all, it's hard to eat and dance to jingle bell rock at the same time.