Nearly $73,000 donated for water quality monitoring

Sponsored - Antero Resources was on hand today in Bridgeport to donate a nearly $73,000 check to the Hughes River Water Board. The money will be going toward a new river monitoring system at the Ritchie County Water Intake and Treatment Facility. The new system will keep an eye on the water quality for local communities around the Hughes River. Antero Resources is a sponsor on WDTV, and more information and the full press release can be found below.


Bridgeport, W.Va. – Today, Antero Resources and its partner in the Antero Clearwater advanced treatment facility, Veolia Water Technologies, donated $72,640 to the Hughes River Water Board to fund the purchase, operation and maintenance of a new monitoring system at its Ritchie County water intake and treatment facility.

“We know that it’s a privilege to operate here, and understand the importance of working with local stakeholders who share our commitment to environmental protection, including the Hughes River Watershed,” said Al Schopp, Antero’s Chief Administrative Officer and Regional Senior Vice President.

“Antero appreciates the opportunity to make this contribution, which is squarely in line with our broader water management strategies, including Antero’s Clearwater facility as well as other investments and technologies aimed at further reducing our operational footprint and protecting our environment as well as the community,” added Schopp.

Antero and Veolia partnered to build and operate the $275 million Antero Clearwater facility, which was recently recognized as the Exponent Telegram’s “Private Project of the Year.” The facility is scheduled to begin operations during the second half of this year.

“We’re proud to partner with Antero in building this industry-leading world class water treatment and reuse facility,” said Klaus Andersen, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. “This investment reflects Veolia’s and Antero’s shared commitment to helping protect our environment, including local water resources for the broader communities of Ritchie County.”

The continuous monitoring technology will help ensure the quality of water upstream of an intake that serves the communities of Harrisville, Pennsboro, Ellenboro and Cairo.

“We’re grateful to have such committed partners in our community, like Antero and Veolia, and thank them for their generous investment and ongoing environmental protection-focused efforts,” said Hughes River Water Board president Alan Haught.

The water system donation follows a $1.5 million contribution that Antero recently made to the W.Va. Division of Highways (WVDOH) to fund repairs and improvements along a nearly 9-mile stretch of state Route 74 in Ritchie County. In announcing Antero’s investment, Susan Fought, Oil & Gas Coordinator for the WVDOH, said: “Antero has continually proven to be a responsible industry leader and their recent contribution confirms this commitment.”