Neighbors in Action West Virginia goes door to door in Buckhannon

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UPSHUR COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) - The opioid epidemic is a problem that the entire state is facing, but one local organization is doing their part to put an end to addiction.

Neighbors in Action West Virginia goes door to door, handing out flyers that offer immediate help and long-term recovery to addicts. The group started in Harrison County and has since spread, today they were in Buckhannon, knocking on doors and giving out this information. One volunteer says that he's part of this organization because he's tired of the epidemic.

"I'm tired of hearing people talk about this problem, hearing them talk about how this problem needs to be solved. I'm tired of hearing the complaining about this problem. I understand the concerns, I understand what the problem is, it's about time we all walk the walk" says Neighbors in Action West Virginia volunteer Wayne Worth.

Joining the group today was a recovering addict, and he says that if he can help one person, it's all worth it.

"Well, we have a saying in N.A., that we keep what we have by giving it away and this is my way of giving it away. If I can go out here and keep one person, just one person from going down the road that I went down, then it's all worth it" says recovering addict and Neighbors in Action West Virginia volunteer Jay Kirkman.

Volunteers went door to door from 11 until 1 this afternoon.