New Fairmont rehabilitation clinic raises concern among neighboring residents

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MARION COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Sirena Solutions PLLC, a Morgantown-based addiction clinic has opened in Fairmont leaving many neighboring residents concerned about their neighborhood.

"It is just, they could have gone about it another way or placed it in an area where there are more resources for people with opioid addictions," said Diane Oldaker who lives close to the clinic.

Fairmont residents voiced their concern over the clinic in a Fairmont city council meeting September of 2018 and have since tried other means to stop the clinic from opening in their neighborhood.

"At one time there were petitions signed by neighbors that never went anywhere," said Oldaker.

One resident was worried about objects being thrown over their fence, just ten feet from the clinic's back door.

Another concern the residents had was the safety of preschoolers just across the street.

They believe the clinic poses a risk to students' safety both inside the school and out.

"The traffic issue, how much traffic is going up-and-down these streets, considering, like I said, we do have children," said Oldaker.

These are issues that Sirena Solutions physician, Dr. Mark Coomes says the clinic has worked to mitigate.

"We are by appointment only so its not like there will be lines around the building or anything like that. We have specific times that we set up for appointments and that is done by design. We don't take walkins for that very reason so that really cuts down on the traffic and on the people hanging out." said Dr. Coomes.

Dr. Coomes says the clinic is out-patient care and no drugs will be kept on site.

"We want to remove the stigma of addiction and make it so that people feel that this is a very safe welcoming environment for them to get medical treatment for an actual illness much like diabetes or heart disease." said Dr. Coomes.

Every resident 5 News spoke with believe that clinics like these should be built, but that they should be put in locations closer to medical facilities rather than in a residential area.

According to Dr. Coomes, the clinic is registered to treat 30 patients, but expects to receive registration to treat more within the week.