New West Union election results

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WEST UNION, W.Va. (WDTV) -- In West Union, results from a canvass Monday night found a discrepancy in voting totals that had incorrectly given current Mayor Joe Thorpe an election night victory.

Ralph Washington will instead become mayor July 1.

On election night last week, the results showed Thorpe beat challenger Washington by two votes, 42-40.

After the canvass, it was revealed Washington actually beat Thorpe by three votes, 40-37

An employee at city hall confirmed that an apparent transfer error on election night produced faulty results.

She explained to 5 News that an election official at one of the precincts handed a sheet to city hall that put the unofficial vote total for Thorpe at 18 votes.

In reality, there were only 12 votes submitted for Thorpe at that precinct.