New app keeps parents updated on babies in NICU

(CBS) -- Wendy Edourd holds her son in the neonatal intensive care unit, grateful for every moment.

"His first month of life was very hard for him, because his chances were really low of surviving," she says.

Jovanni was born July 1st at just 24 weeks, weighing a little over a pound.

"That's a hard thing. Seeing your baby in an incubator and you know you that can't touch him, you can't comfort him," says Jovanni's father, Zachary Chiclana.

Then, Hurricane Irma hit Florida, putting this Orlando hospital on lockdown. Jovanni's mom and dad were unable to see him for two days. But a new app called EASE kept the parents and other NICU families updated during that difficult time. Nurses caring for babies snapped photos and videos during the hurricane and sent them to families waiting out the storm.

"It just made the day for them. And I think the next morning we took a little video after the hurricane, and had him waving and say Hurricane Irma that was no big deal," says nurse Roxanne Baggltt.

The technology lets hospitals update the status of medical procedures. To protect patient privacy, all communications disappear after 60 seconds. Wendy and Zachary say the app gives them peace of mind.

"A little bit of light, you know, in a sad dark day. Being able to see him that felt really good," said Zachary.

Now, they are looking forward to taking their son home soon.