New device helps local law enforcement crack down on speeding

WESTOVER, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Westover Police Department unveiled new technology to help them better enforce the law.

In three of their major patrol cars they've added new radar detectors to help crack down on speeders.

This new device tracks the speed of vehicles going around their cruiser, this means officers don't ever have to stop to set up a speed trap to pull over drivers.

"We don't have speed traps. Our vehicles are moving when they're catching somebody. So they're getting behind somebody and seeing them speed or they're having someone come toward them and speeding. We're not sitting somewhere waiting for them to come by us," said Westover Police Chief, Richard Panico.

Officers has the chance to vote on what new things they wanted to have for the upcoming year. After a unanimous vote they chose to get the new detectors.

"They all chose radar. They didn't have the ability to be as good as they could be when there were infractions happening in front of them. They just couldn't get a hold of it because we didn't have the technology," said Panico.

The Chief told us that traffic in Westover has increased recently and so has the number of violators. Some residents say they're happy the police department is upgrading their equipment and keeping the community's safety in mind.

"With the way today's society is going now they have to upgrade their ways to keep the community safe. If that's a lot safe than somebody driving by, seeing the police and hitting their breaks and causing an accident then the police just pull them over," said local resident, Phillip Furman.

"People speed all of the time. I think it's great that they can detect earlier," said resident, Terry Tait.

Some members of the community, who didn't want to go on camera, told us they were against the new equipment because they don't see a benefit.

The police department says with the new device, they can help keep the roads safe while out on patrol.

"We're telling it that while you're on patrol you're still available for calls and if we see somebody infracting we'll stop and issue a ticket or a warning," said Panico.