New fire station building approved

Marion.W.Va (WDTV) For over a decade the Fairmont fire department has resided in the same buliding.

Although traditional in value, the fire department knows its time for a move.

"Just a plethora of issues", says fire chief Ed Simmons.

For about 2 years now, they have been searching for a suitable area to reestablish their HQ. Tonight they brought they're case to the city council who was happy to approve.

The new building is designed to effectively and safely allow to fire fighters to perform their responsibilities.

Project architect, Adam Rohaly says it was a pleasure to work with the fire department and also hopes his designs will able them to keep the public safe.
"This will definitely help them operate more efficiently and effectively and hopefully in turn save the lives of the public", Rohaly says.

The design will not only be beneficial to the fire department, but also the surrounding neighborhood.

"The conceptual design of the new station is suppose to fit within the neighborhood, its a really nice designed station, think everyone in the area will be please. It should enhance that corner, hopefully make property values go up as well", Simmons said.

Construction is set to start up late in October, but Simmons and his crew are ready to start as soon as possible.