New program aims to clean up Marion County communities

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Littering is something that impacts communities everywhere but one woman is fighting for Marion county to clean up their act.

And Nancy Bickerstaff is the woman behind the clean up.

To help zone in on such a widespread issue, Bickerstaff met with mayors from across the county and asked them what areas they think need the most help.

"We are going to designated areas and then we will go back," Bickerstaff said

However these clean up weekends are not a one and done job.

"They've gone back to a couple areas because the litter comes back,"

And while dumpsters and other litter collecting tools can cost the city money Bickerstaff is encouraging the mayors to take advantage of grants available to assist them.

"They have a $5,000 grant to help with the litter, and clean up, and beautification,"

In the future, Bickerstaff sees the best solution to covering these costs is to make beautification a part of each city or town's budget.

"I really think the different towns should have a small amount of money in their budgets, that would help,"

Next Bickerstaff hopes to help spread the message of the program to the public through advertising both around the towns and online.

"We have magnets to put on police cars, we will have signs, we are planning a Youtube video,"

And while the issue is large, Bickerstaff says she feels like the commission is committed to making the change.

"The county commission is committed to do it and make Marion county count,"